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Ralph Laurens Polo Tech to be unveiled at US Open

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Published on : Aug 26, 2014

In a bid to revolutionize the way sportspersons train and compete, lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren has created the Polo Tech shirt, to be launched on the opening day of the US Open. The shirt has merged biometrics into active lifestyle clothing with the aim of increasing and improving personal fitness. 

The smart apparel collection by Ralph Lauren has sensors knitted into the product, and reads physiological and biological information. The Polo Tech shirt was created by a team of neuroscience, engineering and sports medicine experts from Canadian-based OMsignal. The data received from the sensors in the seamless apparel is delivered to the users via a smartphone app.
Ralph Lauren is the official outfit sponsor at the US Open this year and players and ball boys will be seen sporting the Polo Tech shirt during practice and select tennis matches. Marcos Giron will wear the shirt during his practice games and official games at the Billie Jean National Tennis Center. At his first ever Grand Slam game, the tennis champion will track his biometrics during practices and make necessary changes based on the data provided by the Polo Tech shirt. The information sent to his smartphone by an app will help to improve his form, breathing, and overall performance. 

The US Open has a tradition of being a platform for showcasing innovation and Raplh Lauren is thrilled to continue the tradition and help lead the wearable technology industry. The Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at Ralph Lauren David Lauren has said that he hopes the Polo Tech shirt will have a far reaching impact, moving on from sports to everyday life.

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