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Qualcomm unveils its first Dedicated Chipset XR1 for AR/VR Devices

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Published on : May 30, 2018

Building a dedicated chipset for standalone devices powered augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, even if for lower-end gadgets, is a dream come true for Qualcomm. Over the past few years, the multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment giant has flooded the industry with AR and VR devices. But, these aren’t any better than smartphone-optimized processes or chipsets which isn’t what an average user wishes, not to speak of the prices always being on the higher side. Against this background, Qualcomm has on May 29, 2018 unveiled the first chipset Snapdragon XR1 (more commonly referred to as XR1), which is designed specifically keeping in mind AR and VR headsets. The wider impact will be on worldwide consumers who may get a feel of entry-level versions of these gadgets at the end of the year or in the early next year.

Qualcomm sets Trend for Commercializing Lower-Cost Headsets for Entry-level Devices

The interesting part is that these standalone AR and VR devices aren’t meant for high-end devices but will prove to be potentially useful for simpler ones.  As a result, it won’t be that thrilling for consumers who are into gaming but certainly be a new experience for them who are all for passive AR and VR experiences. The controllers used for the viewing of videos will not be as advanced as gadgets equipped hand-tracking features. Furthermore, the dedicated chipset won’t support high graphics or memory bandwidth either. However, the chipset will invariably support some 4K displays.

Efforts to commercialize lower-cost headsets have already begun and the trend is likely to gather steam in the not-so-distant future. Qualcomm seems to be fueling this new trend in the AR/VR market provided it intends to build such dedicated hardware for high-end applications. However, the company is treading cautiously and sizing up the worth of its initiatives.