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Qualcomm buys Capsule Tech a Medical Device Connectivity Player

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Published on : Sep 15, 2015

Qualcomm Life is planning to extend their services to the hospital and healthcare by purchasing Capsule Technologies, thus extending their focus on home healthcare products. The wireless technology conglomerate anticipates that the deal will assist the company to tap the needs of caregivers in order to connect the medical devices through the healthcare delivery range including ambulatory, acute-care settings, at-home, and hospital. Capsule, so far has above 1,900 hospital clients in almost 38 countries. It will soon become an entirely owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Life. However, the financial details of the purchase remains undisclosed. 

According to Gene Cattarina, the CEO of Capsule, as healthcare will move to the ambulatory settings and home, outside traditional care areas including the convergence of data of medical device from where the patient is located, is very important. Capsule and Qualcomm Life together will power the convergence simply by making the data more accessible. The acquisition will help Qualcomm to achieve its aim to become one of the biggest ‘open connected health ecosystems’, globally. Along with device integration, Capsule’s technology also offers data analysis in order to provide notifications, alerts, and asset management tool. 

Currently, Qualcomm is in the middle of reviewing their strategy of the businesses, which were started in July. The main aim of Qualcomm is to reduce the cost structure of the company and review its structural and financial substitutes to maximize value. According to Derek Aberle, the President of Qualcomm, the company currently focuses to strengthen its position in the specific ‘internet of everything verticals’, such as healthcare. He further stated that due to acquisition of Capsule, the healthcare platform will be expanded. With this, the company is planning to provide connectivity solutions throughout the care continuum. Also, the company plans to create a connected health ecosystems, which would be amongst the world’s biggest ones. This will help the company to advance in the ‘internet of medical things’.