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Qualcomm Alleges Apple Stole Chip Secrets and Shared with Competitor Intel

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Published on : Sep 26, 2018

Qualcomm has doubled down on its claims that tech giant Apple is carrying off chip secrets of the telecommunications equipment company and furnishing them to Intel. The world is already aware of the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm where the latter claims some royalties due on the part of the iPhone manufacturer. In the new iPhone XS, Qualcomm chips have been largely replaced by Intel’s, which clearly shows the tension between Apple and Qualcomm. It may not be a surprise if Qualcomm chips are entirely replaced by Intel’s in Apple devices.

Indirect Evidence Includes Code Used in Intel-based Phones, Email Correspondence

As per a filing with California’s Supreme Court, there are certain charges against Apple for stealing a broad range of Qualcomm’s trade secrets and confidential information used to improve the performance of Intel chipsets. A popular news agency has labeled these charges as “explosive.” Qualcomm is expecting the court to amend its current lawsuit against Apple for breaching a master software agreement. The two companies have been involved in a legal dispute over Apple’s willingness to pay royalties to Qualcomm for iPhone, which the tech giant claims to be excessive.

The overnight filing made by Qualcomm in the Supreme Court is the latest salvo of accusations in the legal battle. The company argues that it was not allowed to audit Apple’s use of its source code. However, it does not provide direct evidence to support its accusations, says a report, but makes reference to the one between Apple and Intel engineers found during discovery. According to sources, the evidence includes the code used in Intel-based phones, Apple’s source code development history, and email correspondence.