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Pulse Bags First Order from China for Natural Cabana Limeade and Lemonade

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Published on : Aug 27, 2015

Denver based The Pulse Beverage Corporation, which manufacturers Natural Cabana Lemonade, Coconut Waters, and functional beverages for Heart & Body Health, Limeades, and PULSE made announcement of receiving its first order from Nantong King Food Co.

The company known as Nantong King, based out of Nantong City located 50 miles north of Shanghai Port which is a member of of the Beijing Rosa International Trading Company.

Nantong King has ordered one container of Natural Cabana Limeade and Lemonade in six flavors. The order is expected to reach China in the first week of September.

The President of the Beijing Rosa Group, Tom Wang, commented that Natural Cabana Lemonade/ Limeade are loaded with taste and will be a unique beverage in China. 

He further stated that initial tasting of Natural Cabana products, he tasted six different flavors in 24 hour period. The affluent customers in China often look upon Western products, particularly after the recent food and good safety scares in China. 

The President further commented that the company will, market Natural Cabana products to this market segment. The company has ordered its first container of 1500 cases to commence market development and make sure issues related to registrations and logistics are resolved. 

He further stated that the company intends to sell the product through multiple channels––wholesale, online, and retail. 

Mr. Wang further stated that, once Natural Cabana is launched, the company plans to launch heart & body health beverages from PULSE to cater to needs of Chinese consumers. The product will socially cater health conscious consumers who are more focused about their health than before that they look upon Western products. 

The CEO of PULSE stated that the company has been selective to choose a partner for the Chinese market and the company is delighted to be partnering with Nantong King.