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Public Sector Modernization in Jamaica to Improve the Standard of Living

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Published on : Aug 10, 2015

In every country, their respective government is trying to enhance, improve, modernize, and transform their public sector to improve the standard of living of the people. The public sector in Jamaica has been in the process of reformation since the past few years. In 2009, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, introduced the Public Sector Transformation Unit PSTU which was operated by Patricia Sinclair- McCalla. In 2014, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller found the Public Sector Transformation & Modernization Program, which was again an effort to improvise the public sector. 

Value addition to the society, quality decision making, reformed compensation structure, and improved accountability are some of the focus points behind establishment of such public sector transformation programs. New Zealand is globally recognized as the boldest country to reform its public sector. Jamaica is the country with the smallest public sector. Jamaica leads the global public sector, when it comes to the national earning capacity with respect to the cost of public sector.

Jamaica faces certain challenges in their public sector. As Jamaica’s servants are fewer in number, they are always overloaded with work and stress. Wage control is not an ecological approach under this situation. The government can compensate its public sector in the form of pre-planned savings. This can be better managed from the nation’s current earnings and from future earning capacity. 

For many years, Jamaica was not able to refine their public sector due to lack of current earning capacity. The country entirely depended on their future earning capacity to clear their liabilities. Jamaica is planning to modernize their public sector by considering three priorities. The public sector has to be reoriented with broader trade and investment options. Improvement in customer service would boost the public sector in Jamaica. Considering the current situation in Jamaica, the cost of refining the public sector should be well-managed. Since the past few years, Jamaica has been taking efforts to improve its public sector.