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Public-private Sector Co-operation- a Key to Fix the Loopholes of the Health System in Hong Kong

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Published on : Aug 10, 2015

Dr. Chow Pak-Chin, a vice president of Hong Kong’s largest doctor’s group, believes that a combined support and co-operation from public and private sector will be a key to fix the health system of the public sector. Partnership from the public hospitals and private doctors will do the trick for Hong Kong health sector. 

Since the past few years, few programs which were introduced to support this cause failed due to certain reasons. Technical difficulties in implementation of the programs, led to their failure. As per the vice president of the Medical Association, the government officials, along with the hospital leaders are trying to introduce public-private program to remove the loopholes from the health system. Hong Kong’s health care sector heavily depends on the public hospitals as they take care of almost 90% of the patients. As only 40% of the doctors are employed in the public hospitals, the burden is bound to increase on the public sector. 

Dr. Chow Pak-Chin suggests that the government should fund eligible patients to avail health services from the private sector doctors. This would reduce the pressure from the public sector. Cataract surgery, a pilot project launched between the private and public sector in 2008, is the best example. This project funds eligible people who wish to undergo surgery procedures that are offered by 111 ophthalmologists from the private sector. Dr. Chow also quoted a program for people suffering from hypertension. As per the program, eligible hypertension patients will receive a sum of HK$2,872 and are eligible to visit any private clinic for ten time for the treatment. 

In order to fix the lopsided health sector in Hong Kong, the authorities should not only focus on increasing subsidies but also on offering recognition to the doctors who are willing to offer help. With this, their contribution will be very well valued.