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Private Schools Have Higher Male Teaching Staff Than State Schools: Report

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Published on : Oct 22, 2014

Private and state education has always been a matter of debate across the UK. A recent study has shown that when it comes to teaching employment options, the difference between state-run and private education in terms of gender balance is absolutely clear. 

A report by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) shows that while women dominate both the education medium, the number of men employed in private schools is much higher than state schools. The 2014 census was conducted by ISC, which is a representative of over 1,200 independent schools across the UK and even overseas.

The report showed that in 2013, men accounted for only a quarter of the teaching staff in state schools, while in private schools, 40% of the full time teachers were men. A 2009 ISC report also stated that in state schools, only one in seven of the total teaching staff was a male teacher.

Neil Roskilly, CEO of the Independent Schools Association, has an answer to the question most people have been asking – what is the reason behind this stark difference in male teaching staff between private and state-run schools. 

Roskilly says that in earlier times, men who possessed the desire and ability to teach were attracted by independent schools and vice-versa. Moreover the prospect of being the “mainstay of the cricket team” was an added attraction. In today’s times, it has been noticed that private schools pay greater attention to extra-curricular activities such as sports and this can be appealing particularly to men more than women.  

However, James Piper of The Perse Prep School, Cambridge states an important fact. He says that at the end of the day, every school, be it private or state, seeks teachers who are capable and qualified and can provide what’s best for the students. This is irrespective of gender. He says that teachers are appointed on the basis of quality and it is only that which helps improve the standard of education in every school.

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