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Pretzel Pizza by Little Caesars is the First New Limited-Time Pizza

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Published on : Aug 27, 2014

Little Caesars mostly deals in three main things; breadsticks, soda, and $5 cheese or pepperoni pizzas. It does not involve in limited time offers or other appetizing menu innovation tactics like its fast-food peers. 

However, unlike popular beliefs, the chain will break its convention business streak and introduce first limited-time pizza – a pretzel-crust pepperoni pizza on September 1 this year. This is a revolutionary launch taking place in a decade, available for a limited time only. 

Wendy’s (WEN) pretzels, Sonic’s (SONC) pretzel dogs, andpretzel bacon cheeseburgershave been popular on the fast-food menus, until recently, when Little Caesars planned to introduce its first pretzel crust pizza on the market. The first test of this crust pizza took place in 2012 with drizzles of mustard on the crust. However, the chain found consumers weren’t quite delighted with that combination and hence, earlier this year, they tested it with a different combination again. 

Eventually, Little Caesars decided to settle with a combination of cheddar cheese sauce in place of red sauce on the pretzel pizza. This will be a total of seven different kinds of cheese sprinkled with the right proportion of salt along the edges. 

The new pretzel pizza will cost around $6 at 3,900 Little Caesars restaurantsfrom September 1 to October 26, for a limited time-offer. The chain calls it a Hot-N-Ready (grab-and-go pizza)that will be available at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. But during those weeks customers can order the pizzas anytime during the day. 

Little Caesars will not shift to such limited-time offer strategies, but will stay committed to keeping operations simple and smooth, said senior vice president of the chain, Edward Gleich. He added there are more things in the pipeline. 

Little Caesars ranks third among the country’s pizza chains and in 2013 had more than $3 billion in the U.S. sales, beating Domina’s($3.8 billion) and Pizza Hut ($5.7 billion) sales too.

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