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Power Tools Get Wireless and More Connected

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Published on : Feb 16, 2016

Power tools are considered to be the modern equivalent of the primitive bow and arrow. As man transitioned from the spear to the bow, he has similarly progressed towards using mechanized versions of immobile tools which have been in use for centuries. The motive is simple; power tools make life easier by helping the user work faster and more efficiently. They reduce the scope of error if used correctly and significantly reduce the amount of time required to finish a job. The latter is a massive blessing for industries that are constantly under the pressure of time. The presence of power tools on the factory floor can be the difference between missing a deadline and meeting it before time.

The global power tools market is exhibiting an optimistic growth rate for the time being. Most of its growth is attributed to the major developments that have been going on in the construction and automotive industries. There is also the growing number of people taking up various do-it-yourself projects which often lead them to buy power tools for convenience.

Cord-free Power Tools Being Preferred by All
One of the biggest evolutions in the global power tools market is the use of cordless power tools. The professional grade cordless power tools available in almost all categories are providing superior performance to most of their corded counterparts. All of this, owed to the latest flurry of lithium-ion batteries being used in most power tools. These batteries, coupled with modern brushless motors, are providing ample torque and battery life to sustain heavy use for significant periods of time. At the same time, these power tools are being manufactured with materials that seem to get lighter by the year.

Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Power Tools of the Future
The global power tools market is also about to experience another fresh wave of revolution as some of the tools can now be charged wirelessly. This is done through induction chargers. This allows a faster rate of detachment from the charging port and into usage, allowing the user to work even faster.