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Power Storage Plant by Renault-Nissan to Power Over 120,000 Homes

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Published on : Jun 08, 2017

In a project that would be capable of competing with utility companies, Renault-Nissan has decided to make a 100 megawatt power storage plant in Europe, which will give electric car batteries a second life. The plant which will be built is projected to be big enough for powering 120,000 homes! This will supplant the role played by gas and coals fired power stations and thus, meet the high demand for electricity.

Germany and Netherlands to be Probable Locations for New Plant

This storage plant will not generate power but charge up when there is excess supply. It will also send electricity to the grid when required. This plant may play a key role in smoothening out the wind and solar power generation which are unpredictable. The company is considering Germany and Netherlands as their locations for the new plant as they have high energy prices and will be suitable end markets. Moreover, the shift from nuclear to renewable energy in these countries will also be a positive factor for the success of this plant.  

Mega Batteries will be Assembled from Car Batteries

Renault-Nissan has partnered with energy storage specialist, The Mobility House for mega batteries, which will be assembled from used or new electric car batteries.  Thus, electric car manufacturers are expected to benefit from this as their used up lithium-ion batteries will be put to use and in demand. This will also help in bringing down the price of mega batteries. By 2020, millions of electric cars are expected to be out there on the roads. Thus, automobile manufacturers will look for ways to recycle batteries.