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Power Distribution Unit Advances Keeping Green Energy Norms, Voluminous Data Generation Exercises Drive Deployment

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Published on : Dec 29, 2015

Energy conservation is the need of the times. The reasons are primarily to curb carbon footprint, due to high dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation, and to also ensure energy supply in the long run. In current times, the high penetration of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets have led to an excessive volume of data generation. Thus, high capacity data centers are needed for data consolidation purposes.

In these facilities, power distribution units (PDU) are essentially important for power distribution to the network components of the server rack and for energy consumption monitoring purposes as well. Other than these, modern PDUs are loaded with design and functionality features such as input and output power display, control of power consumption remotely, alarm sensors for alerts about standard power consumption deviations, and remote or automated on and off of the PDU for the purpose of power consumption among others. In addition, PDU models that have high amperage plugs are capable of providing multiple low amperage outlets using high amperage outlets. 

Some of the major applications of PDUs are telecom & information technology, government, banking, financial services and insurance, and energy among others. Across these industry verticals, increasing amount of data generation due to the increasing global population is bolstering the demand for large data centers that are equipped with PDUs. In addition, increased acceptance of cloud computing and server virtualization across industry verticals are augmenting the need for data centers and PDUs in turn. Moreover, PDUs help to reduce server downtime, which in turn helps to increase uptime. Due to all these reasons, the installation of PDUs will be upbeat in the coming years. 

The usability and versatility of PDUs have advocated functional and design advancements of these units. Keeping with the move, Tripp Lite, one of the leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions has strengthened its exclusive space-saving line of PDU Ethernet Switch Combos. The functional features of the unit involve merging a PDU and an unmanaged network switch to form a singular IU device, thus, the resulting new models provide 12 outlets and 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports. 

The utilization of green Ethernet technology for the PDU Ethernet Switch Combos, helps to detect the length of the connected network cable and adjust power utilization accordingly.