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Post Bluetooth Issues, Sennheiser Introduces Momentum Wireless Headphones

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Published on : May 12, 2015

Sennheiser's Momentum headphones have been the staff’s most loved at Engadget for some time. At the point when the organization declared a remote variant at CES, people were was excited to get their hands on a couple for survey. Sadly, when listening to music with the Bluetooth earphones and utilizing an Apple Magic Mouse with their MacBook Air, people recognized normal music drop outs - each time they moved their mouse. 

After what Sennheisers says is a "small number" of client protestations, it ceased creation and shipment of the Momentum Wireless until the issue is settled. Obviously, halting creation let people know that there's an enormous issue, yet the organization keeps up the cases are "constrained." notwithstanding interferences when playing tunes, clients experienced issues attempting to make calls, as well. Sennheiser clarified the guilty party that there could be various elements that go after remote associations, which could incorporate anything from obstruction to signal strength that can't deal with high-movement regions. 

The sound troubles people encountered with the Momentum Wireless are restricted to the Bluetooth integration. When they connected the earphones to the portable PCs or telephone specifically, the sound was pretty much as immaculate as what they once longed for. It's absolutely decent. Notwithstanding, this model is pricier than the wired cans at $500, so one is truly binge spending to utilize them. 

As expected, Sennheiser is working diligently on an answer and people that think they may have a faulty unit can return it. They're still under the first two-year guarantee since they just as of late have gone on a discount. The organization is auditing every grievance on a case-by-case premise to figure out which situations are bringing on the tech to not work legitimately.