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Popularity of Refractive Surgeries Challenges Growth of Eyewear Market

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Published on : Feb 12, 2016

In recent years, eye care has become imperative part of the overall healthcare scenario. The growing awareness about keeping the vision intact, rectifying impaired vision, and treating severe eye conditions has given a sudden impetus to the eye care market, thereby generating a huge demand for the eyewear market. The eyewear market is composed of spectacles, contact lenses, and plano sunglasses. These products are sold via retail outlets, healthcare service providers, and online portals. The global eyewear market is spread over regions such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.

Rising Number of Individuals with Impaired Vision Boost Global Eyewear Market
In recent years, the global eyewear market has grown tremendously due to rise in the population of individuals that are suffering from eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. This is spurring the demand for corrective eyewear in many parts of the world.

Spectacles Emerge as the Leading Product in Global Eyewear Market
The spectacles segment, which includes spectacle lenses and spectacle frames, holds a dominant share of the overall eyewear market. This growth is being fueled by the rise in the number of individuals who are seeking medical help for correcting the impaired vision. Analysts predict that the contact lenses segment is also expected to witness a marginal rise due to the convenience they offer.

North America Leads Global Eyewear Market due to High Demand for Sunglasses and Lenses
Geographically, North America leads the global eyewear market due to a high rate of consumption. This growth is attributable to the rise in the demand for contact lenses and sunglasses in the region. Research also suggests that Europe will also show a considerable rise in the eyewear market in the coming years.

The global eyewear market faces a huge challenge of growing market of refractive surgeries that assure correction of impaired permanently, thereby eliminating the need for any kind of an eye gear.