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Popular Consumer Products Priced Highest in New Zealand - a New Report Indicates

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Published on : May 15, 2014

According to a new international report that sought to gauge the trends of prices of popular consumer goods in the world, New Zealand was found to be the priciest one.

The report, generated by the Deutche Bank to map prices of popular consumer goods around the globe, has found out that the country pays the highest prices to buy stuffs like Coco-Cola and Adidas shoes. 

In addition to these, other stuff from popular international brands such as Levi’s jeans, and Apple iPhones and Macbooks were also found to be quite expensive as compared with prices in other countries. 

Contrasting the condition of consumer goods, however, the country stood amongst the most economic world destinations for spending a night at a five-star hotel in cities such as Wellington and Auckland.  

Wellington, the capital and one of the biggest cities in the country, was rated as one of the cheapest metro cities in the world to spend a night at a five-star hotel; Australia’s Sydney was found to be the second-most priciest after Russia’s Moscow. Australia has also been named as the fourth priciest world economy by a recent World Bank report.  

The Deutche Bank report in discussion here is based on data gathered from online stores and secondary sources. The data showed that a 2-liter bottle of coke in New Zealand costs 3.85 New Zealand dollars, highest in the world. 

The manufacturers, however, said there’s little that they have control of when retail prices of their products are concerned - many factors such as transportation costs, market size, exchange rates, local delivery costs, custom duties, taxes etc. bring out the price difference from country to country. 

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