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Plethora of Advancements in Biometrics Technology, Mobile Biometrics on Top of the List

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Published on : Jan 25, 2016

Owing to the swift pace of innovation within the field of biometrics, a number of new applications have appeared for making the authentication process more secure and convenient. Owing to the fact that the uses have increased, a number of new trends have emerged. These trends focus on looking for more efficient and enhanced ways of person authentication. 

  • Mobile Biometrics: A number of private industries and governments have targeted mobile biometrics for speeding up the process of human identification. The biometric functionality takes place on a mobile device either via the already existing biometric sensors or by fixing portable biometric hardware with the help of a USB cable or via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Multimodal Systems: The upcoming trend in biometrics is the utilization of a number of biometric authentication systems for carrying out human authentication. These systems gather input via multiple or single biometric devices in order to measure 2 or more biometric characteristics for ensuring authentication accuracy. 
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: When mobile biometric devices are paired with cloud-based solutions, the identification process can really rev up. The biometric data, instead of being saved locally can be sent to the cloud for a safer solution. 
  • Vertical Specialized Solutions: Identity management can be carried on by using a vertical specialized biometric solution and this has emerged as a preferred choice in a number of industries. These types of solutions are customized in accordance with the international and local standards and laws. While looking for biometric identification management solutions, a number of businesses are extremely conscious on their unique needs are have opted to deploy tailor-made solutions formulated particularly for their needs. These solutions provide control and efficiency and also a competitive advantage over peers.
  • Biometric Single Sign-on (SSO):  Debates have been going on that biometrics will be used in place of passwords. This debate is on owing to the fact that a number of companies have started to adopt SSO over conventional passwords for securing their networks via data breaches and for minimizing the costs of password management.

Hence, these useful processes as well as innovations of human identification have increased in frequency year by year, hence boosting the overall market for biometrics.