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Plastic Pitches to Receive Fame in Protection of Artificial Turf

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Published on : May 21, 2015

Soccer is wary of several things. Foreign owners, players, and technology enthusiasts that do not agree to celebrate against an earlier team snoods, and particularly artificial turf fields.

However, Major League Soccer (MLS) is suspicious of the latter most of the time. If asked anyone about North American soccer’s enemy, and it is undoubtedly a toss between plastic pitches and Sepp Blatter.

Although there are several nations in the world that debate about having top-level sustainability of artificial pitches for soccer, MLS nurtures the deadliest of such discussions. 
Plastic fields are defamed as a disease on the game in  North America, and also as a hindrance to the quality of the game if played in top-flight. Some of the best players in the league Thierry Henry, hardly ever played on it fearing picking up an injury.

To summarize, the artificial turf that has been used at five MLS venues, is supposedly bad for the game quality and health of the players, and so the rhetoric continues.

But this is not necessarily what happens. In fact, increasingly there are arguments that artificial surfaces, in fact improve the soccer standard which is played on it. Also, the legitimacy of injury claims on such pitches is also questionable by medical professionals.

The soccer in North America may prove it wrong, and MLS has precedence too for the opinion. 

A similar debate persists in Scotland as well. Though artificial surfaces were at one time outlawed in the top flights in the country, two premiership Scottish teams, namely Hamilton Academical and Kilmarnock play on plastic. 

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