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Pilot Program Launched by Starry to Provide Less Expensive Internet

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Published on : Aug 10, 2018

Today, the Internet service provider Starry has announced the launch of its Starry Connect program in association with Boston Housing Authority (BHA). The main aim of this pilot program is to provide affordable quality Internet through free access for residents staying in a public housing apartment complex in the Boston city.

More Details About the Pilot Program by Starry

The startup was established in 2016, and had come with a plan to provide Internet access through a spoke-and-wheel system consisting of various transmitters and access points. The company used a phased array laser set up on the top of a city building to propagate a 5G signal. This signal is received by users in order to connect to the Internet through the Starry points, which can be installed on a window or also on a personal roof.

According to Chet Kanojia, the co-founder and CEO of the company, accessing high-speed broadband Internet is highly necessary for education, communication, and for personal and professional development. He further stated that many people still lacked access to a basic, affordable, and reliable internet connection. However, this is exactly what the company intends to change, by devising a way through which affordable and high speed Internet services can be provided. The company will be partnering with Boston Housing Authority to set up the required infrastructure.

The Internet accessed would of course be through Wi-Fi connections set up in the building’s common area, hallways, and a computer lab. Some residents may also be able to access the signal in their rooms. However, the primary focus of establishing this installation is to provide common area access mainly for elderly and disabled residents, as per Virginia Lam Abrams, senior vice president of communications and government relations, from Starry. Following the initial launch, the company also plans to set up expand onto other BHA communities.