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Pi Training to Help Build Your Own Robot

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Published on : Aug 18, 2017

After spending the last few years in fine tuning the Raspberry Pi into a credit card sized computer, the creators have finally released the Raspberry Pi Zero. The makers made use of a single-board micro computer which can run on most operating systems (OS). The device can be used as an actual Swiss Army knife of computing! The new Raspberry Pi Zero is even smaller and versatile micro computer and comes at a low price of just $5.

Why Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle

If you are wondering what these tiny and super cheap mini computers can do, then here it is: The potential of this smart and powerful computer can be unlocked with Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle. The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle is currently in sale and can be purchased for $34. It comprises 11 hours of instruction and eight courses. This will enable you to make use of Pi in cool ways. The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle also gets you the step-by-step guides which helps users to create some of those projects for themselves.

Build Your Own Robot

Finishing the two courses can get you walking through the basics of Pi and the Pi Zero. One can learn the amazing uses of Pi. Users also get a training on how to mine Bitcoin for profit and make use of Pi’s power for creating real world robotics and automation. Users will also learn the mechanics of assembling hardware powered by the Pi which will help them build their own robot.