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Philips Introduce Two New Cardio Products in the European Market at the London Conference

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Published on : Sep 01, 2015

Philips, at the European Society of Cardiology Congress meeting, in London, announced the introduction of new cardio products, namely IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and HeartModel A.I. HeartModel A.I. is Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound AIUS device, which helps improve quantification by providing automated 3D images. The automated 3D images come with faster testing times and better reproducible ultrasound results. Tests done with HeartModel device are supposed to be three to six times faster as compared to the traditional 2D tests. Tests done with HeartModel are reported to be better in terms of gathering left ventricular as well as the atrial dimensions. The technology is considered to be a part of EPIQ7 ultrasound systems.

According to Jose Aamorana, University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, it is difficult as well as time consuming to collect heart measurements in 3D. HeartModel will assist in easily collecting the heart measurements in 3D. HeartModel will assist in making the process of collecting critical cardiac ultrasound measurements more reproducible and easier. With this, the device promises to save lot of time in carrying out its activities. Devices such as HeartModel will be soon introduced to many clinicians to extend their 3D echocardiography tests efficiently. Such devices are expected to offer lots of benefits to the overall medical devices market.

The Dutch conglomerate promoted its latest medical device, which is, IntelliSpace Cardiovascular product. The IntelliSpace Cardiovascular product is a very useful medical device, web-based image and information management device. IntelliSpace Cardiovascular product is used to create as well as store a database for digital cardiovascular images. The IntelliSpace Cardiovascular product further can develop algorithms that enables personalized patient care. This system has the capacity to access any other, third party application. The European Society of Cardiology conference is supposedly one of the most popular and largest cardiology events across the globe. Announcement of medical devices such as IntelliSpace and HeartModel in such an eventful meeting will do wonders for the medical devices market.