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Philips App-enabled Devices for Pain Relief

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Published on : Sep 18, 2014

PulseRelief and Blue Touch are the two latest pain relief devices developed by Philips. These devices consist of app-enabled tools which are managed by iPads or iPhones. 

These days a lot of importance is being given to pain management and not just exploring drug options for pain relief. Many suffer from chronic pain that after a point of time begins to affect their lifestyles, sleep patterns, and work ability. 

Blue Touch is device meant for providing relief from back pain. It is a wireless wearable patch that makes use of Blue LED light to reduce pain. This blue light stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the target pain area. As a result, there is greater blood circulation in the affected area. Almost 77% of the patients suffering from extreme pain reported mild pain after using the Blue Touch pain relief device. The device user can use his smart phone to select from an array of treatments, enable the stop and start mechanism as well. The user can also keep track of the treatments via a diary included in the app. 

PulseRelief is used for providing relief from mild to moderate persistent musculoskeletal pain. Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation therapy is used by the design via a phone app. For activation of underlying nerves, electrical pulses get passed across the skin’s surface. The pulses arouse the body’s capacity to suppress pain by releasing endorphins and decreasing pain signals to the brain.

The main purpose is to ensure that the user can move about freely with lower intensity of musculoskeletal pain.  The user gets to choose from several programs and levels of intensity. The app consists of a treatment diary which is specially designed for tracking the treatment and its progress. 

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