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Philippines Falsifies Chinese Accusation on Disputed Spartly Islands

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Published on : May 05, 2015

Philippines authorities challenged China for accusations pertaining to construction on the disputed Spartly Islands.

 The official Colomo Jr, responded to accusations by spokesperson of Foreign Ministry at China Hua Chunying that Philippines was building defense and civilian facilities such as ports, airports, and barracks on Spratly Islands that are claimed as Nansha Islands by China.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson claimed that Philippines violated the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC). He further commented, whatever Philippines has done is breach of DOC. Philippines is trying to cover up its construction work and illegal occupation prior signing DOC, though it is accepting the illegal construction being continued after signing of DOC. The thin excuse that Philippines made has backfired on the country itself.

Philippines have at several occasions criticized massive reclamation activities by China in South China Sea. The Philippe an President said that China’s actions should provoke fear for the remaining world.

At an industry meet recently held in Malaysia, the Philippe an President commented that China’s action are straight violations of DOC and also United Nations Conventions laid out for the Law of the Sea.

He further commented, reclamation activities are a threat to marine life and the environment and also poses threat to the occupation of people living in coastal areas. The president further added, countries need to exercise self-restraint about pursuing activities that could possibly escalate or complicate disputes. This also affects stability and peace about matters pertaining to inhabitation on reefs, islands, shoals, and cays that are presently uninhabited. 

Commenting on Philippe an president’s remarks, the Chinese President accused him of trying to smear and defame China at international and regional meets.