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Pet Wearables Feature Location and Safety Tracking, Top 3 Opportunities in Pet Wearable Market

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Published on : Jun 24, 2016

The wearable technology including fitness trackers, monitors, and smart watches have witnessed an increased adoption in the pet care industry. As per some studies, 39.5 mn adults in the U.S in 2015 utilized a wearable device for themselves owing to the need to stay active and healthy. In the same way, people want their furry companions to lead healthy and long lives. This has emerged as a significant factor behind the exponential growth of the pet wearable market. The ability to locate stolen or lost pets utilizing GPS is another factor augmenting the growth of this market.

The key opportunities in the pet wearable market are: 

  • Pet Wearables Becoming Integral Parts of Pet Care Industry: Just the way human beings are benefitting from the advantages of the wearable technology, the same this technology is gaining traction within the pet care industry. Thus, the pet wearables are likely to become an integral part of the global pet care industry in the coming years. This trend has already started to take place in the developed nations globally wherein people have higher disposable incomes and are able to easily afford these useful wearables for their pets. 
  • Pet Wearables to Provide Valuable Insights and Data to Veterinarians: A number of companies such as Voyce, Whistle, and as FitBark are making wireless pet trackers that can be attached to the collars of pets in order to monitor the activity level, health, and sleep quality of pets, and more. Individuals can now also track the mileage and walk patterns of pets in addition to monitoring their own activity levels. These trackers for pets are utilized for calculating the amount of activity, movement, and the resting time of pets. In addition, these wearables also play a crucial role in providing valuable insights and data to the veterinarians in order for them to monitor trends in the long-term health of pets and help in keeping the pets in great shape as per their breed and age.
  • Location and Safety Tracking: A number of measures have been taken for identifying the pets that are lost and reuniting them to their owners. This is why a variety of GPS tracking devices are being manufactured for locating the location of pets. Some of these devices even present real-time information that is directly sent to the mobile phone of the owner. These trackers are also being introduced along with activity tracking features for pets.

Thus, the pet wearable market is looking to a bright future in the coming years owing to the increasing product proliferations and consumers getting convinced on expending a huge amount of money on their pets.