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Pet Food Makers Squabble Over Advertising Claims

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Published on : May 15, 2014

Nestle SA-owned Purina last week, and sued its competing pet food maker Blue Buffalo. It claimed that the smaller company’s products are healthier and natural as compared to the big name brands. They constitute false advertising. 

In addition, the documents that are filed in St.Louis federal court could help to back this case with independent laboratory tests, said Purina.

Initially, Blue Buffalo responded saying its brand and products will be defended aggressively, but now it announces that it plans to sue Purina for defamation. 

The founder and chairman Bill Bishop remarked Purina’s product quality as malicious and outrageous attempt to challenge the trust of pet parents.

However, Purina was confident in finding its tests.

The statement has brought amendments to request the Missouri federal court to review this case’s public statements and also review our website, and as a matter of law, show they are not defamatory. 

Advertising big claims on foods that are wholesome and natural as pet products are becoming an important aspect for pet products as human ones. Recent years have drawn closer many trends and messages in advertising of products for humans – whether claiming the food product is rich in antioxidants or can cure bad breath. There are more and more consumers looking forward to buy best of their products for their pets. This industry has worth more than $3 billion in Canada (including pet food and pet products) whose claims can be worth more to companies. 

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