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Over $500 Million Worth Decade Old Rotten Meat Seized Across China

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Published on : Jun 24, 2015

It has come into focus recently that over a half billion worth of smuggled frozen meat has been seized in China. Some of the smuggled meat was thawed while others rotten, as per the local reports. 

As official from the central Hunan province said, that the meat had started to smell badly and he almost felt like throwing up the moment he opened the door of the store room from where 800 tons of meat was seized. 

As reported in China Daily, a state run newspaper over 100,000 tons of meat which included beaf, pork, chickens that amounted to S$624 million were seized in a nationwide crackdown. 

Food safety has been poor in China for quite some time. Authorities report that food standard in China is negligible and it is not new for the sector in the country to be marred in scandals and controversies. 

The deputy director of the bureau of anti-smuggling in the Hunanese capital of Changsha, Yang Bo said that most of the time smugglers transport goods in ordinary vans rather than refrigerated carriers to save money. Hence, it is inevitable that when the meat ultimately reaches the customer it gets thawed. 

A total of 14 smuggling gangs are busted across China, and two belonged from the Hunanese capital of Changsha. The latest reports revealed about the incident also stated that the meat that were seized across the country are mostly smuggled from the “border area” that the country shares with Vietnam. It is difficult control the transport of meat in this region owing to which the smuggling has increases. 

It was found by the officials from Guangxi, which is a southern region located bordering Vietnam that the meat seized were more than 40 years old. Back in 2008, China was rocked by one of the biggest food scandals in the history where it was revealed that industrial chemical, melamine was illegally added to their dairy products. The consumption of the dairy products killed at least 6 babies, while 300,000 people fell ill.