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Over 100 Birds Injured by Solar Farm

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Published on : Feb 23, 2015

Around 130 birds have been reported to be injured around Tonopah in Nevada. The birds were injured while there was a testing for a new solar power. According to biologist there were around 130 birds that caught fire mid-air. This happened while the birds entered an area which was concentrated for solar energy which was created by in Nevada. This solar farm has 110 megawatt power near the Crescent Dunes SE Project near Tonopah.

Experts are of the belief that these birds were attracted from the glowing caused by the farm’s tower. However, the project owners from SolarResearve have not figured a way to decrease the fatalities.

This solar project is very close to its completion and is almost set to go for the official launch the next month. But, these thousands of mirrors tend to focus sunlight in one central tower which melts salt insides it. This result in heat water which lets steam out that turns turbines and creates electricity.

At the peak this project will be able to generate 110 mega watts of power which will be used by the NV Energy. This firm power channelizes power to power the majority of homes based in Nevada. One test which was performed showed that around one third of this solar energy project was around 10,000 mirrors that were shifted to focus sunlight to a single point which was located around 1,200 feet above the ground level. This level is approximately twice the original height of this tower.

Biologists figured out in an hour’s time to notice the first of the streamer type birds which caught fire and left a trail of smoke in the atmosphere when they entered the field of solar energy.

Many of these birds were injured while the tests were being conducted, according to the deputy chief of communications for Nevada Bureau, Land Management, Reno.

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