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Outlook of Medical Tourism in India, Proliferation of Top Notch Facilities to Boost Market Growth

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Published on : Mar 30, 2016

The major reasons owing to which the medical tourism industry will rise in India include the reduced medical costs for numerous ailments including bone marrow transplant, bypass surgeries, liver transplants, and knee surgeries in comparison to all other western countries. 

Outlook of medical tourism in India has been detailed as under:

  • Benefits of Medical Tourism in India: Medical tourism is amongst the largest and swiftest growing industries globally. Owing to a number of uninsured people and people having high deductibles continue to soar, a number of them prefer to be treated outside of their country of residence, where they can afford to pay for the treatments they require in a timely way. Medical tourism within India presents cost-effective and advanced medical treatments having no waiting lists and with experienced and skilled doctors. This is why medical tourists globally have been flocking.

Medical procedures mostly cost about half as much or even less within India in comparison to the costs within the U.S. After even adding the cost of stay and the cost of travel, it is still cheap to have treatments done within India. In addition, the doctors are well experienced and multi-lingual with a number of them having been trained within the U.S. Ayurveda is majorly practiced within Southern India as a conventional form of substitute treatment which incorporates the utilization of natural herbs in the form of medicines.

  • Top-Notch Healthcare Facilities: The key advantage of medical tourism within India is the huge healthcare standards accompanied with low treatment costs. Majority of the hospitals within the country provide top-notch facilities and most of them are even comparable to the facilities provided by the hospitals within the U.S. and the UK. The most common surgical procedure which takes place amongst international tourists in India includes liver transplantation of renal transplantation. Mediconnect India offers medical travel assistance, huge quality of affordable medical treatments having international standards of quality, cost estimates via top hospitals within India, and cutting-edge developed medical technologies.  

Hence, the medical tourism industry in India is poised to propel in the coming years. In addition, owing to the increasing and soaring costs within medical countries, people from Africa, Asia countries, and Gulf have started to explore medical treatments within a number of hospitals in India.