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Our Heart May Work as a Biometric System to Unlock Smartphones

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Published on : Sep 27, 2017

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have successfully detected that human heart can be used to lock or unlock digital devices such as smartphones. The novel biometric system scans the heart via the dimensions of the vital organ and can accurately authenticate. The experts are confident that this new research will be the next big step in the right direction for the IT industry wherein security is emerging as a serious issue.

Waves Emitted by Radar System Lot Less Harmful than Smartphones Itself

The development is primarily based on the fact that two people with identical hearts have not been seen. Via low-level Doppler radar, the researchers have managed to consistently identify and monitor human heart, which can be linked to lock or unlock a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other smart devices. It has been noted that the waves discharged by radar are weaker than Wi-Fi waves, and hence they are in no way harmful to our health. As per the lead researcher of this study, this new biometric system’s reader released 5 milliwatts, which actually is less than one percent of the radiation emitted by over smartphones. The scanner requires a minimum of eight seconds to scan the heart for initial authentication and then continuously stays in-sync.

Currently, research and development activities are in full swing to use this system on computers by the means of miniaturizing it to able to place it on keyboards and later install on smartphones. The new technology is expected to be presented at the MobiCom (International Mobile Computing and Communication Conference), which is scheduled to be held next month.