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Organic Vegetable Growth at Reasonable Prices

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Published on : Feb 23, 2015

The health-conscious citizens are fetching for organic vegetables and spurring the development for keeping the prices on an enterprising keen. 

In a similar vein, people in the Hongkong are extremely paying keen attention to healthy lifestyle and other food safety problems mainly in the light of food scandals in the mainland, added the HK Organic Resource Center’s executive board chairman.

However, as the demand for the organic food is on the rise, farmers are constantly complaining about the possibility of not being able to sell their products. 

There are only about 8 percent of the farmers saying they have adequate sales channels.

One of the group eyed for an opportunity in the social enterprise Ground works are gathering all sorts of vegetables from nine different local farms that are matching up with consumers. 

The executive added that there are about 80 percent of organic vegetables rated at HK$30 per catty and above. However, Ground Works charge around HK$24 per catty as it increased from HK$1.4 million in 2013 to around HK$1.8 million in 2014.

If customers will to pay more money for good and healthy food they will be motivated to plant vegetables without using chemicals or pesticides. The organic vegetables are high in price from overseas for many people.  

Earlier there were only six subscribers but now there are about 140 subscribers and more than 150 catties of vegetables each day. 

In most of the mature markets the organic vegetables cost around 5-10 percent of products. The proportion is far lower than the expansion.   

Cheng does not believe in establishing a proposal to revitalize the farming industry and help the farmers. Many farmers sell their products and live near farms and if they move to Agri-Park they might lose their community network. The government is anyway in the plans to develop 70-80 hectares of land and engage the land to commercial production at market prices.  

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