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Oracle Adds AI Platform Cloud Services to Boost Portfolio

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Published on : Oct 03, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a dynamic and rapidly evolving paradigm for developers across the globe, with the entry of several big technology players upping the ante. Oracle Corporation, as a part of its continued effort of boosting service portfolio, unveiled AI development Cloud service at the conference Oracle OpenWorld 2017, held in San Francisco, October 1–5. Offered as a platform service, the offerings will include common frameworks, libraries, and development tools to facilitate customers, typically developers, in building their own applications on the top of these. This is likely to consolidate its presence in offering intelligent apps and embedded AI.

The common tools offered in the service are Google Tensorflow, Jupyter Notebook, and Caffe or Neo4j, which can run on NVidia graphics processing units. These processors will provide the speed required for developing machine learning applications.

Oracle has been using a similar set of tools in-house to build AI-powered applications. Thus the company believes that it is also the developer and a key driver of these platform services.

New Platform to Help Developers Address Challenges in Embedded AI Applications

The offering will help customers in setting up a type of integrated AI offering. This is a challenging space in itself given the fast-paced changes in the application programming interface (API) used for AI applications, contends the multination technology behemoth. Some of the major announcement made earlier are an autonomous database as-a-service and a transformative service based on blockchain.

The development of AI tools has been constrained by the fact that using these technologies and tools calls for in-depth subject expertise. Oracle’s offering is expected to address these concerns for developers around the world. In addition, the company believes that the offering will help customers decipher crucial enterprise data patterns.

In the coming week, more exciting announcements on services and smart apps based on chatbots and internet-of-things (IoT) await.