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Ontario Allows Testing of Self-Drive Cars on its Road

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Published on : Oct 14, 2015

In a ten year project launched by Ontario's Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the region will be the first one in Canada to witness the test of driverless cars or self-driving cars in support of the new technology being developed.

According to experts, this project will not only give innovation a fair chance, but also allow a space for the driverless cars to test their developments, challenge Ontario’s economy, create a platform for a discussion for road safety, and lure in the best researchers. The announcement of this news has already pushed a researcher to convince the other regions to permit testing. 

Stevel Del Duca, Ontario Transportation Minister stated that the region will permit driverless cars to be tested on its roads from January 1, 2016. 

Some of the other provinces in Asia, Europe, and United States are allowing self-driving cars to be tested on their roads.  A few cities in U.K. are allowing this test provided the car operates on a low-speed and is driven on streets that closed to regular traffic. On another positive note, some of the states in the U.S. have passed a legislation to grant driverless cars space on the roads. Florida, California, Michigan, Tennessee, and Nevada will allow the testing to happen in their own capacities, without compromising the safety of the citizens.

The participants will have to be companies who have been developing cars, other technology companies, institutions or academicians involved in this research, and manufacturers of automated vehicle parts. Ontario is not going to allow every engineer to test the driverless car on the road. Every participant in this pilot project will have to go through strict rounds of tests to be selected

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