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OnePlus CEO Fights Criticism on OnePlus 5

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Published on : Jun 27, 2017

OnePlus holds a tradition of sorts to receive a truck load of criticism every time they release a new phone. Complaints to date have ranged from their phones being invite-only, to hardware issues, or the massive bump in cost between handsets. Controversies are quite common on release dates for OnePlus phones, and the OnePlus 5 is no exception to this. The company’s CEO, Pete Lau, responds against these complaints.

Potential Benchmark Cheating Claimed

Apart from the fact the new OnePlus 5 looks strikingly similar to its predecessors, consumers and internet forums are raising their voice against the blatant benchmark exaggeration made by the company. While trying to mislead consumers with incorrect benchmark results is not an uncommon practice in the realm of Android, companies are still trying their best to use the same false ways to convince consumers that their phones are the next big thing. OnePlus was already apprehended in 2016 when they did the same thing for their last model. Their attempts to repeat the same “strategy” has been caught on the OnePlus 5, and Pete Lau has made all efforts he can to hush the angry Android crowd down.

Lack of Waterproofing Worries Buyers

The list of complaints against the OnePlus 5 also includes the lack of waterproofing the company has provided on their new handset. Their claims to offer better heat dissipation have apparently created too many structural concerns regarding building a waterproof device, while a large number of their key competitors are already boasting devices that can survive heavy exposure to water. Lau claims it was eventually a business decision where they agreed heat dissipation and performance were of greater importance than waterproofing.