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OnePlus 2 Records 30,000 Sales in 64 Seconds

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Published on : Aug 06, 2015

The second smartphone launched by OnePlus, called the OnePlus 2, is creating waves similar to its predecessor. The phone was released on the 27th of June and requires an invite for anyone to purchase it.

The company however, put up 30,000 units of their new phone for sale on their Official Chinese website. The surprise sale was met by swift responses as all the units were sold in 64 seconds of the sale. The surprise sale was made one week before the official Europe launch as well as the U.S. launch on the 11th of August.

Weibo, a Chinese social media website, reported the 64 second sale. OnePlus spokespersons said that production capacity was still under the expansion process, which is why not more than 30,000 units could be put up for sale.

The new model by OnePlus claims to promise state of the art tech specs and comes at an affordable price of £239. Nearly 2 million consumers have shown interest in the new OnePlus 2, with many people lining up for a chance to catch a glimpse of the display phone in London on the 31st of July. People reportedly waited in queue for more than 10 hours to see the phone.

A decision taken by OnePlus executives, as revealed by European operations head Eric Zarshenas, was to use a no invite sale policy in China. He stated that the country has been one of the biggest markets for them and as such will not feature in the invite system they adopt.