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One of the Eighth Life-Threating Diseases is yet not popular among the people

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Published on : Oct 22, 2018

New study has found how negligence for ovarian cancer among women and doctors can badly affect the health of women. An online survey conducted over 44 countries by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition in which around 1500 females were analyzed who was diagnosed with cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, ovarian cancer is considered as the eight leading cause of cancer in women. Moreover, approx. 300,000 women are expected to develop ovarian cancer this year. As per the estimates are given by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition, one in six females may die within three months of diagnosis and less than 50% will be left alive in five years.  The study also shows that two-third women did not hear about ovarian cancer or were aware of the name. They also didn’t know much about the diseases.

According to the survey, 57% of the women were in stage 3 or 4 cancer when diagnosed.  The designer of the study, Frances Reid said that women during the study were younger and were comparatively educated than average women diagnosed with ovarian cancer that made the study more accurate. Moreover, it was also found that a third of the respondents had conversed about the clinical trials with their doctors.  

In addition, the average time to diagnose the symptoms is done in 31 weeks, and it varies a couple of weeks shorter or longer in rich to poor countries respectively.