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One in Three Adults in the United Kingdom has Borderline Diabetes

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Published on : Jun 10, 2014

A latest study sounds the alarm over an unprecedented spike in diabetes risk as couch potato lifestyles and obesity levels become highly prevalent. The research that studied thousands of adults in the United Kingdom indicates that one in every three adults now stands on the verge of developing diabetes. According to the study, the rate of adults with borderline diabetes has tripled in just eight years. Authors of the study expressed concern over this ‘extremely rapid rise’ in such a short span of time. Going ahead, this trend could be an indication of a sharp rise in diabetics, who could face severe health risks because of the condition. People who have higher-than-normal blood glucose levels are classified in the ‘pre-diabetes’ or ‘borderline’ category. Diabetics face an increased risk of developing heart diseases as well as stroke. In some cases, complications in diabetics may call for amputations. Even in the event that diabetes does not develop in a pre-diabetic patient, the risk of kidney, eye, and vascular problems remains high.

In the past, Charities have made statements urging a rapid change to the British lifestyle, failing which the NHS would be left with no choice but to bear the burden of an increasing number of diabetics. Currently, diabetes costs 10% of the country’s health service budget. The study - that studied blood samples from over 2,000 adults that were not diagnosed with diabetes over a period of eight years - was published in BMJ Open, a medical journal. The study found that 35.3% of cases that were examined in 2011 showed high blood sugar levels. This figure stood at 11.6% in 2003. The study puts the number of pre-diabetic adults in the United Kingdom at 15 million. The number of people estimated to be diabetic is 4 million in the UK.

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