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On the Occasion of International Human Rights Day, China Need to End Forced Sterilizations and Abortions

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Published on : Dec 11, 2015

The new Two-child policy in China continues the same mammoth crimes against women and children same as what were committed under the One-child Policy.

Earlier in October this year, the Xinhua News Agency had reported that China will move on to a two-child policy, which will abandon its decades-old one-child policy.

However, the latest modification perceived as ‘abandoning’ the age-old One-child policy is in reality misleading. The coming of the Two-child policy does not bring an end to the human rights abuses that were associated with the One-child policy, which includes involuntary sterilization, forced abortion, or the abortion of baby girls pertaining to sex-selection.

The core of the policy is coercion, which means that instituting a two-child is not going to bring an end to forced sterilization or forced abortion. The reason given for the adjustment is totally demographic: balance population growth and to address the challenges of an ageing populace. The adjustment implies that if the One-child policy was continued it would lead to both economic and demographic disaster. However, it is ironic that with this policy China has written down its own economic death sentence.

In any of the announcement that were sent from the Chinese Communist party, there wasn’t any note of human rights. In regard of the development, the Chinese Community Party has not abruptly grown a heart or developed a conscience. The new policy, although, allows couples to have a second child, the coming of the new policy does not mean that China has brought an end to forced abortion, forced contraception, or forced sterilization.

Contrarily, the Chinese Communist Party went out of way to emphasize that family planning checks still remain in force. Soon after the announcement of the Two-child policy was made, National Health and Family Planning Commission’s the Vice Minister stated that the family planning restrictions would not be abandoned in China.

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