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NVidia Releases New Turing Architecture in its Quadro Family

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Published on : Aug 14, 2018

In its Siggraph keynote, NVidia has launched its new architecture along with three pro-oriented workstation graphics cards in its Quadro family. The new Turing architecture is the greatest leap since the invention of the CUDA GPU in 2006, according to the company.

More Information about NVidia’s Latest Launch

The new Quadro RTx chips are the first ones to feature the company’s new RT (ray tracing) cores. RT technique was used since a long time, it was always thought to be computationally intensive, giving out realistic results. And in recent years, ray tracing method got a new boost owing to faster GPUs and support of Microsoft. The latter added ray tracing support directly to DirectX in recent times.

The new RT cores can accelerate by up to 25 times compared to NVidia’s Pascal architecture. Rather, the company claims the figure to be about 10GigaRays a second for maximum performance. The three new Turing-based Quadro GPUs will also feature the company’s AI centric Tensor Cores, as well as the 4608 CUDA cores that can provide up to 16 trillion integer operations per second. The chips comprise GDDR6 memory that can process actions faster, and in addition are also believed to enhance NVidia’s NVLink Technology to increase memory capacity up to 96GB and bandwidth up to 100 GB/s.

Apart from releasing the Quadro RT cores, the company has also set up a new AI platform, which aims to bring AI into the graphics pipelines. As per the company, NGX technology gives rise to capabilities such as creating super slow motion actions. The organization further says that filmmakers could also use this technology in future to get rid of unnecessary objects from photographs or even replace missing pixels with the perfect background. Companies such as Adobe (for Dimension CC), Pixar, Siemens, Black Magic, Weta Digital, Epic Games, and Autodesk have signed up to support the new Turing architecture.

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