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Nutrition Label Revamping of Beverages in U.S. may Cut Down Risks of Obesity and Heart Diseases

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Published on : Jul 19, 2016

The prominent Beer Institute has recently announced its initiative for encouraging companies to portray information including the carbohydrate content, volume, and calories on all the labels of beverages. The major members of this organization such as Craft Brew Alliance, MillerCoors, and Anheuser-Busch make over 81% of the total beer being sold within the U.S., in terms of volume.

This initiative also encourages the makers of beer to display the ingredients of beverages on secondary packages, labels, or websites along with display a note on the production of the same for making the consumers equip with the freshness of the beer consumed by them. The Beer Institute also stated that the consumers will also see new labels in the market with immediate effect. The importers as well as brewers have been encourages to renew their packaging concept throughout product lines by the end of 2020.

The former Secretary of Health and Human Services, named Tommy Thompson stated that the consumers in America are now more informed and that their in an increasing awareness amongst these consumers on the beverages and food being consumed by them. Though extensive nutrition labels are a must in the broader food and beverage industry, still alcoholic beverages have a relatively less information displayed on them.

The information plays a key role owing to the fact that clarity has become one of the major priorities of consumers worldwide and this has been noticed by both companies and governments globally. In the month of April, the company Mars Inc. started to provide guidance on labels in regard to which foods should be consumed and which should only be occasionally consumed. This was done so to promote healthier choices in food. Similarly, the Food and Drug Administration and the White House in May had ordered to reconstruct the labels comprising standard nutritional information. This was intended in order to enable easy understanding of the information on products by the consumers.