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Nutraceuticals Market Battles Issues Regarding Consumer Confidence

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Published on : Mar 28, 2016

The potential therapeutic, nutritional, and healthcare related benefits of nutraceuticals have attracted them huge interest in the past years. Several research studies have demonstrated the possible role that nutraceuticals can play in a vast number of biological processes such as cell proliferation, antioxidant defense, safeguarding of mitochondria, and gene expression.

Therefore, nutraceuticals are used in several applications aimed at improving health, postponing the process of aging, preventing chronic diseases, or supporting vital functions and integrity of the body. Nutraceuticals are also considered to be healthy sources for the prevention of several life threatening illnesses such as gastrointestinal and renal disorders, diabetes, as well as several infections.

Over the years, a vast number of nutraceuticals have been introduced in the market with the promise of playing essential roles in the susceptibility and immune status of certain states of diseases. The rising demand for products that include nutraceuticals has led to an increased prevalence of research and development activities in the global nutraceuticals market.

Some individual research studies have also been undertaken to cognize the veracity of the claims put ahead by nutraceutical companies. One such investigation launched by Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General of New York, has launched a debate regarding the safety and efficacy of herbal dietary supplements. Since that time, several media reports have surfaced warning that nutraceuticals can pose more harms than benefits on the human health.

Stakeholders in the nutraceutical industry have criticized these reports for being poorly researched. But the reports have definitely made consumers a bit wary about the use of nutraceuticals and products containing them. The wave of negative sentiments brought-in by such reports can pose difficulties for the overall development of the nutraceuticals market in the coming years.

However, nutraceuticals companies can cash in on opportunities in the market such as developing and marketing products that align with the wellness goals of consumers and developing better integrity in the nutraceutical products’ supply chain in the global market.