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NPD Studies How Seasonal Beverages Spur Businesses

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Published on : Sep 24, 2015

According to recent survey by The NDP Group, the annual tradition and a limited-time offer of pumpkin specialty drinks transforms the fall season in Chicago a lucrative time of the year for foodservice providers. During this time, foodservice providers capitalize on the prevalent business benefits in several ways, as told by The NDP Group. 

Seasonal beverages treat the businesses with a spurt of additional purchases, particularly among established customers. This is the best time to bring in new customers and give the business passing through slow periods a significant impetus, as per the findings of the Checkout Tracking by NPD, which refers to over 35,000 diners to gauge the prevalent consumer purchase behavior during fall. 

An analysis conducted on the purchase cycle of buyers of pumpkin spice latte exhibited that these drinks are mostly considered as “indulgent” purchase and as much as 72% of these purchasers bought the drink only ones. Among the total number of purchasers only 20 per cent of them purchased the seasonal drink twice, while only 8 per cent made bought it three times or more during the season. 

NPD also studied the purchase cycle of another seasonal shake at one of the major chains only to determine the overall impact of the limited time offer. Data obtained from the study revealed that ones who bought the shake were mostly the loyal customers of the restaurants and showed a high purchase frequency rate, and particularly during the seasonal period. According to the survey, the shake purchasers made on an average 5.7 visits to the restaurant in the two-months before the seasonal offer, and made one additional visit during the seasonal and limited-time offer.  Those who didn’t purchase shake made on an average 4.7 visits to the restaurants before the limited-time offer and 4.4 visits during the seasonal offer.