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Novel Development to Reduce Drug Resistance Properties of Cancer Cells

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Published on : Sep 06, 2019

The number of cancer cases are increasing at a rapid pace. As per WHO, there have been 18.1 million new cases of cancer while 9.6 million deaths due to cancer registered in 2018. These data are alarming and therefore researchers are increasingly focused to invent novel techniques to fight against the diseases.

There have been lots of drugs advanced discovery that aims to cure cancer. Nevertheless, one of the major plights of treating cancer is drug resistance properties of cancer. This is the reason most of the cancer drugs show no process in treating the diseases after a period.

NCGC148 Could Help Lowering Down the Drug Resistance Properties

To slow down drug resistance properties of cancer cells Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre found a novel mechanism that could lowering down the drug resistance properties of cancer with the help of a NCGC1481 compound.

The team observed that FLT3 and IRAK kinases are the two compound that are mainly responsible for the drug resistance properties of cancer cell. Therefore, they tested these compounds against several proteins and found NCGC1481 could efficiently lower down its response.

At present the study is focused for leukaemia, a type of fatal blood cancer but the scope of study can be extended to several new cases.  

Further, NCGC1481 not only blocks the growth of cancer cell, it also blocks the escape route of the cancer cells. Thus, it will help in the effective treatment of cancer diseases by degrading its effects on humans.