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Novartiss Simbrinza gets approval from the EU

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Published on : Jul 30, 2014

Glaucoma patients in Europe can easily obtain Novartis’ Simbrinza eye drops which are a combination of brimonidine tartrate and brinzolamide and it is without a beta-blocker. This eye drop has got the approval of the European Commission. Unlike the inefficient treatment provided by monotherapy, this eye drop aims at treating intraocular pressure or IOP in adults with ocular hypertension or open angle glaucoma. 

Simbrinza is a combination of two well developed remedies for advanced intraocular pressure and this is a better alternative to administering brinzolamide and brimonidine independently.

According to the head of the Glaucoma Unit, Eye Hospital Ljubljana, Slovenia, the risk of progressive loss of vision increases manifold because almost 80% of glaucoma patients do not follow a strict treatment regimen.  

A significant feature of the dual therapy provided by the Simbrinza eye drop is that it does not contain a beta blocker. Beta blockers are mainly prescribed to patients with lower intraocular pressure and these are not advisable for glaucoma patients who already have an existing cardiac or respiratory anomaly. Thus, Simbrinza does address an unmet need as well. 

One of the main causes of blindness worldwide is Glaucoma and almost 75% of the cases of glaucoma are of the open-angle type. Less than half the patients suffering from blindness are not even aware of this disease. And the only modifiable risk factor is the elevated case of intraocular pressure. 

Clinical observation at Novartis has shown that Simbrinza effectively reduces the level of IOP by 23%-37% and provides sustained or continuous intraocular pressure control throughout the day. In 2013, the US had given its approval for Simbrinza. 

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