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Nokia & Orange Collaborate for Extensive LTE Rollouts and 3G in Africa

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Published on : Mar 12, 2018

Emerging economies in various parts of the world are presenting new, exciting avenues for multinational telecommunication companies to expand. Prominent players are tapping into these opportunities to introduce next-generation wireless network technology and services, notably 4G and LTE. Considered as one of the largest rollouts in the Middle East and Africa, Nokia has announced on the second week of March, 2018 that it has partnered with Orange S.A., a French multinational telecommunications corporation, to rollout LTE services in seven countries of Africa. The partnership, built upon a modernization project spanning three years, is aimed at expanding Nokia’s single radio access network (RAN) technology, Single RAN Advanced, and modernize network management technology through its NetAct.

The Finnish multinational company will expand support and services in around 11,000 radio sites in countries comprising Ivory Coast, Egypt, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau Mali, Niger, and Senegal. Through this partnership deal, Orange looks to leverage Nokia’s expertise to bolster 2G and 3G technologies for its subscribers while paving way for reliable and robust 4G services.

Setting up Support Center for Orange in West and Central Africa will Facilitate Deployment

Orange has already consolidated its presence by providing low-cost 4G services in all the countries except Niger and is efforts are underway to enhance 3G services. To this end, the Paris-based telecom multinational giant is planning to augment throughput as it experiences a 90% surge in traffic across the seven countries. To accelerate the deployment, Nokia has set up a dedicated support center for Orange in West and Central Africa in the Abidjan city, which it will use to deliver an assortment of services and corrective actions that may be needed for radio sites.

Partnership will enable Orange to Leverage Nokia’s Single RAN Advanced and NetAct

This will pave way for Orange to leverage Nokia’s expertise, notably Single RAN Advanced and NetAct,  to deliver reliable, high-quality services for as many as 60 million of its subscribers. Furthermore, the collaboration will simplify network installation while improving the capabilities for assurance, administration, troubleshooting, software management, and configuration.

Of note, the care services under the support center set up Nokia will ensure that all service-level agreement (SLA), providing a stable network performance. The advanced technical expertise can be used in the coming years to leverage IoT and a variety of other use cases in the continent.