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Noiseless Lasers will be incorporated with Sci-Fi Sounds

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Published on : Jun 03, 2015

Earlier the machines made noise – car engines roared, phones rang bells loudly, cameras shutters clicked, etc. However, now a days the technology is more geared towards making no noise. The electric vehicles today are much quieter than their fuel-driven counterparts. This feature of electric cars might sound futuristic but might not be very practical. As pedestrians tend to rely on the noise of cars to realize from which direction and how fast a vehicle is approaching.

Other electronics that are giving issues due to their noise-less features are lasers. More sophisticated technologies have rendered lasers as more silent when they are being used. This might sound a good idea, but is in fact posing a major issue for the military. The Boeing’s HEL MD truck automatically shoots lasers in the air at the flying targets such as mortar rounds or drones.

These laser contrarily to that of the once shown in sci-fi movies don’t come across as green or red in color. These lasers are invisible in nature besides their noiseless feature. Though, it might sound as a great weapon it is actually creating an issue for the military.

When drones are stuck down by these lasers, the drones don’t necessarily burst out. Instead many times these drones fall to the ground with a new hole melted through their structure. This means that the drones falling could sometimes not be noticed by the humans driving the truck while the firing is taking place.

Hence, to rectify this issue the HEL MD will incorporate a technology that plays laser sound effects for the operators and these sounds are expected to have a sci-fi theme.

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