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NHS Trials Low-Calorie Liquid in Tackling Diabetes

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Published on : Dec 12, 2018

A research led by Newcastle University has shown to put type 2 diabetes in suspension with the help of very low calorie diets. NHS is planning to invest more of their time on focusing the treatment as well as prevention of the disease through long-term tials.

This smart move of NHS will not only improve the patient’s health but also help in saving NHS money which could cross the budget for treating diabetes. A group of people will be examined after the period of three months of liquid diet which is over 800 calories a day in achieving remission of the type 2 diabetes among them. This approach will not only cure the type 2 diabetes but will also help to reduce weight for obese individuals, obesity-induced heart attacks, strokes and cancers.

NHS Stepping Forward to Cure Most Deadly Diseases 

A recent projection shows that the increasing number of people with type 2 diabetes could reach in nearly 39,000 individuals with diabetes induced heart-attack in 2035. NHS has taken a huge step with a team of skilled medical professionals to cure all deadly diseases. The first step was taken towards curing the diseases was to control all the calories and added sugar in junk foods.

NHS ensures that cutting calories from food will lead patients to return to their full health and the other health benefits come from cutting calories are long-lasting. Now, NHS is trying to generate awareness among people globally to make healthy choices through marketing to children and nutritional labelling.

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