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Next-Generation Video Analytics is on Its Way

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Published on : May 06, 2016

Video analytics technology is being increasingly used across various sectors as it is cost-efficient and efficient real-time monitoring system. Video analytics negates the need for human monitoring and analyses video feeds in real time. Intelligent video analytics systems with automatic alarm and event notifications are high in demand, especially from the retail sector. The increase in installations of IP cameras and the demand for high-definition and advanced cameras with better video quality are driving the demand from the global video analytics market. The rapid growth of the retail sector and deployment of video analytics therein have further augmented the growth of the market.  In the coming years, the demand for both replacement and new software products is expected to boost the growth of the market.
Elvees Collaborates with Imagination Technologies to Create Novel Video Analytics Infrastructure

U.K.-based chip IP vendor Imagination Technologies and Russian company Elvees have collaborated to develop a SoC platform to support a broad range of video analytics. To address the requirements of high-performance video analytics and mobile computing, Elvees’Elise SoC will create a novel architecture. Companies will be able to use the Elise chip for developing new generation IP cameras with a broad range of OEM modules and video analysis. Video analytics has become pivotal across many applications such as Internet of Things applications, autonomous automobiles, smart cities, mobile devices, smarter shops, and consumer multimedia, and home entertainment. As the complexity of hardware and software of video analytics increases, more and more functionality is being expected. This collaboration in such times is expected to bring stronger results for the development of the advanced video analytics technology.