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New Zealand sets its wine industry's largest R&D progamme underway

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Published on : Jun 12, 2014

The most popular and apparently the largest research and development wine industry present in New Zealand has made discoveries and positioned this country as number one in the world for high-quality, lower calorie and lower alcohol wines. 


“The Lifestyle Wines Programme” in New Zealand is raised to create a strong reputation for producing some of the world’s finest wines. As per records, this is the first wine industry programme under the PGP, says Justine Gilliland, MPI’s Director PGP. It is certainly creating a great excitement time for the PGP, as well as the wine industry. 


Phillip Gregan, New Zealand Winegrowers CEO, says this programme is intended to capitalize on market-led opportunities domestically and internationally. He also added that, according to the research, there have been an increasing proportion of consumers who are encompassing their lifestyle around healthier foods and lower alcohol wines. 


The challenge here is producing not only high-quality lower alcohol and lower calorie wines, but however, producing them naturally so that NZ becomes the ‘go-to’ country to fetch such types of wines. 


The programme aims to develop a number of winery tools and viticulture that will facilitate the industry for lower calorie and lower alcohol wines accompanied with high quality, naturally-produced options.


Justine added that the PGP is all about growing New Zealand’s future. \"The Lifestyle Wines PGP programme will produce perceptible outcomes for the wine and grape industry and also the economy will be situated at a whole new level. 


MPI will invest up to NZ$8.13 million in this PGP programme. Over seven years of investment there will be worth $8.84 million coming from industry partners as a combination of cash and in-kind contributions.

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