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New Study Found a Compound that can Slow Aging

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Published on : Oct 04, 2018

Aging has been a research topic by various researchers and scientists to unveil various facts and information related to it. Damaged cells are accumulated in the body during aging. When the cells get damage they go through an aging process of their own known as cellular senescence.  During this process, cells release inflammatory factors that inform the immune system to clear those damaged cells. The immune system of a young person is healthy and is capable of removing the damaged cells, but with aging the process of eliminating those cells decreases gradually. Thus, results in accumulation of damaged cells that release of enzymes that can degrade the tissue and decreased inflammation. 
Robbins and his fellow researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School found a natural product, called Fisetin that reduces the level of damaged cells in the body. The researcher experimented the compound on mice and seen improvement in its health and lifespan. Their paper was published in EBioMedicine.

The lead researcher of the study, Robbins said, the result suggests that they can extend the period of health even towards the end of life. He also added by saying, the research requires some more work to analyses what amount of dosage is to be given. 

Until now researcher was facing limitation when it comes to figuring out how the drug will act of different tissues and different cells in an aging body. However, now they know how the treatment is actually working on the particular cells. 

A professor in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Edgar Arriaga guided the team that used mass cytometry or say CyTOF technology and used it for the first time in aging research; that is unique for the University as well.