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New Sensors to Send and Receive Muscle Signal Post Muscle Transfer

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Published on : Jul 22, 2019

Surgical bio-signal implants in bio-signal field is not merely a concept these days. There have been various research that proves that bio-signal implants are here and changing various lives. There are various research and development groups that are actively working to deliver a feasible man-machine interface. Recently, a research group led by Dr. Oskar Aszmann from MedUni Vienna and his team from Otto Bock Healthcare Products, has succeeded in implanting bio-signal sensor into three patients. These patient underwent nerve transfer in order to transmit bio-signal for the robotic arms via wireless controls.

According to Aszmann, it took nearly two years of observation for the team to collect reliable data for accurate transmission. Once the team had sufficient data, they were able to transmit the data in quicker, safer, and hassle-free manner. The results of the Aszmann's research and post-surgery analysis is published in Science Robotics. The group is confident enough to make wireless bio-signal transmission available for modern prosthetics. Also, the team believes that this technology can find its application in various other business sectors in near future.

How Various Businesses can Leverage this Technology?

With Oskar Asmann’s recent achievement, businesses have their sight set on the market opportunities created by the technology. Various sensor manufacturers can leverage this opportunities by developing innovative and compatible wireless bio-signals. This can allow the businesses to gain the major share of the nascent market.

Various solution providers can offer sensor-arm compatible interface in order to leverage the opportunities of the market. Healthcare sector can also leverage maximum opportunities offered by new wireless bio-signal market.

They can offer surgical solutions to patients where the implant and interface can be surgically implanted in their body. Using state-of-the-art technologies, and various technological and surgical solutions, healthcare solution providers can also generate maximum profit in this market.