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New Possibilities Open up for Biochar

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Published on : Apr 06, 2016

Biochar is simple charcoal that has been in use for the amendment of soil. The most common method of producing biochar is through the pyrolysis of biomass. One of the greatest benefits of using biochar is a process it performs, known as carbon sequestration. Through this process, biochar can absorb carbon from its environment and store it for a long time. Carbon sequestration is being considered as one of the safest methods to negate the growing amount of carbon emissions that are responsible for the current climate change. Therefore, the use of biochar could help us mitigate the growing rate of pollution and help bring the climate back to normal.

An Expensive but Clean Solution
The biggest disadvantage regarding the large-scale use of biochar is the cost of producing it, especially at a large scale. While major companies can afford the use of biochar, individual consumers such as gardeners and homeowners, who could form the largest potential segment of biochar users, are still far away from using it. With cost being the biggest reason for this, the other reason is the lack of information. A majority of the population does not know of the proven benefits of biochar, including enhancement of soil properties, wastewater management, and climate control. The market is still in a nascent stage and only developed countries are actually capable of using biochar on a large enough scale to actually benefit from using it.

The Agriculture P.o.V for Biochar
Farmers are always concerned with improving the quality of the soil they farm on, and biochar has been considered as the best organic way to achieve soil quality enhancement. Technically, even though the biochar market is a new one, biochar has been present in nature for a long time now, through the burning of trees by reasons artificial or natural. Scientists are now trying to figure out a way to divert this naturally formed biochar to arable land in order to improve crop yield.

The popularity of biochar seems to be rising, as shown by a team of scientists from Brampton. They are trying to crowdfund their biochar studies rather than take a grant. This shows that the awareness among the public regarding the benefits of biochar is steadily increasing.